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Outstanding waste disposal service from Waste Collection Company; cheap, fast and efficient. Couldn't ask for anything else.

  • Ingrid Buet

Waste Removal Agency is the only way of dealing with clutter in your loft. Rather than tackling loft clearing yourself, get this expert team to handle it for you. If you get the same support as I did, you will get a job well done.

  • Brian Cooper

My loft clearance was the cause of no end of stress for me and my family. My wife wanted to hire a professional service but I was worried about the cost. I got in touch with RubbishRemovalHaringey to discuss prices and I was pleasantly surprised with the rate I was given. The service was worth more than the price as it was so professional and speedy. I'm blown away by how great this service and their staff members were, and now my loft looks fantastic!

  • Jim C.

I had been doing some major work on my garden, which meant digging things up, trimming hedges and trees, collecting lots of leaves and so on. This means I had a lot of mess after I was done, and when it was all there, it barely looked like I'd done any work. This is where Rubbish Collectors Haringey came in, because I hired them to do the job. I am happy with their clearance services because they got rid of all this garden junk rapidly, making my garden look the way it should.

  • Selina Conner

I was desperate to get my garage cleared out but didn't know how to go about it. Calling Rubbish Collectors Haringey was the logical choice, and their waste removal service proved to be a great help. Thanks to their team, I can now use my garage for what it's meant to be used for.

  • Chris

I was really struggling with the rubbish that my builders had left behind. I'd had work done in my home, but the rubble and rubbish that had been left were causing me a lot of stress and worry! A friend suggested Rubbish Collectors Haringey, as she'd used their clearance services in the past. I was very glad that I did, because they got rid of the mess without any problems. I would also like to mention the price, which I found to be both reasonable and affordable, especially for the fantastic quality of service. Keep up the good work!

  • Kate

I had a tough time clearing all the junk that was lying in my home, hence I thought about using a professional service. I came to know about Rubbish Collectors Haringey's rubbish clearance services and I hired them as they looked promising and I wasn't wrong. They are surely the best when it comes to rubbish clearance. Their experienced staff made everything look easy and removed all rubbish swiftly. Plus, their services are extremely affordable which makes them the perfect team for clearing waste from your home. I am very happy with their services.

  • Veronica George

I was starting university in a new area and needed to move my belongings. During the packing I found lots of old broken bits and pieces that I had kept for years probably since childhood. My parents were glad I had a tidy up and decided to use Rubbish Removal Haringey to take it away. They had used this firm on several occasions and knew that they would dispose of it with care and caution for a good cost. The service was prompt and it was great to feel liberated in getting rid of the old rubbish that had been cluttering my life up for years!

  • Becky Potter